Mike Clement

Mike Clement

Mike Clement is a husband, father of four, and Founding Software Craftsman of Greater Sum. Passionate about agile technical excellence, Mike founded and organizes Software Craftsmanship Atlanta, the Lean+Agile Atlanta Unconference, the Software Craftsman Unconference, founded Utah Software Craftsmanship and previously organized the Agile Roots conference. In addition to organizing groups and conferences, Mike has presented at many conferences including Agile Alliance 2017 and 2016, Mile High Agile, That Conference, Agile Dev East, Software Development and Evolution Conference, Spark Conference, and code camps throughout the United States including Atlanta, Utah, Boise, Seattle, Portland, SoCal San Diego, and Chicago. Previous employers include Pluralsight, Ancestry.com and Microsoft. Find out more about Mike on his blog (http://blog.softwareontheside.com/) and on Twitter at @mdclement.

Founding Software Craftsman
Greater Sum


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Taming scary production code that nobody wants to touch

Most dev teams “own” some code that they don’t really want to work with. However it got there, the code is scary but pretty stable but now requires updates. Perhaps your team draws straws to each time to figure out who is going to have to put on the metaphorical hazmat suit and deal with the problem. Or worse yet, your team relies on one developer to always do it and he or she is getting burned out and could leave at any minute. Mike will share some techniques that will help you modify the code with confidence using a few core refactorings and characterization test.

General Discussion
11:00 AM