Kamal Kanth Aluri

Kamal Kanth Aluri

Kamal is a Lead Software Engineer, focusing mainly on fostering the productivity of the scrum teams at Assurant Inc. His primary interest is in automation of processes especially in creating the CI/CD pipelines for .NET applications using TFS. He wants to put his two cents in improving the life-cycle of software delivery. 'DevSecOps Using TFS' is the topic that he would like to present at this conference which includes automation of Development, Security, and Operations of an application in its SDLC.

Lead Sofware Engineer
Assurant Inc.


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DevSecOps Using TFS, Octopus & Security Tools

When you are responsible for large distributed applications, the complexity of the operations and the costs grow very quickly. To avoid falling into sunk cost fallacy, you need to better manage the SDLC of an application using a defined framework. DevSecOps solves that problem integrating the development, security, and operations of an application. This talk helps you to get started with the DevSecOps process for your applications using TFS, Octopus and with couple of enterprise/Open-source security tools. In this talk, we will create an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline for a .NET Application and try to automate the entire process with a single click!

IT Topics
1:15 PM