Joe Walling

Joe Walling

Joe has been developing software for over 25 years and has been working with .NET since it was in beta. He has been running the GSP Developers’ Guild for 14+ years and has been an INETA Community Champion in the past. He currently runs Walling Info Systems LLC, a custom software development and consulting company and loves going into other software development shops and help them improve their processes and the scalability and performance of their web applications.


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Architecting a Reusable Starter Kit to Get Your Application into Production Quicker

Every time you start a new web development project, you have to make hundreds of decisions. Why start every new project from scratch where you have to build yet another login or account management screen, configure webpack, get hot module reloading working, configuring testing and logging, etc...? In this presentation, I discuss the benefits of having a starter kit and many of the decisions you would make in creating a scalable, cloud-based, multi-tenant application. This presentation is based on my experience developing an open-source framework and the decisions that led me to use React.js, Apollo, GraphQL, and ASP.NET MVC Core in the project. Even if you don't like the technology choices in ReactAdvantage, you will understand what it takes to build a starter kit so that you aren't making the same decisions and writing the same code for every application you develop.

Web Development
9:45 AM