Joe Mack

Joe Mack

Joe Mack is an enterprise technology transformation consultant and architect-level technical resource, focused on Microsoft technologies around cloud, full-stack development, DevOps and collaboration. He has led over 50 teams, ranging in size from 3 to over 150, in both military and civilian organizations, in peacetime and forward deployed scenarios. He has also architected, led and implemented technology transformation projects for companies of all sizes, from household names to small shops and everything in between. A lifelong learner with a desire to amass as much knowledge as possible, particularly in areas where he has both interest and aptitude, such as building and leading high-performing teams, he still applies lessons, both good and bad, learned at his very first job (McDonald's), and every subsequent job, to increase the performance of every organization he sees, whether they are paying him or not. His experiences, and willingness to share them, have made him a sought after speaker at conferences and private corporate events alike. He spends days consulting with AgileThought and nights/weekends in some combination of family, playing sports, watching sports, writing and technology side hustles.

DevOps Transformation Consultant
Agile Thought


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Are You Building Leaders, Scapegoats or Chumps?

Are you empowering your subordinate leaders in the two areas that matter most? Let Joe Mack show you how to better protect your company and ensure future success by building better leaders through the proper delegation of authority and responsibility. Ideally suited for a management off-site or corporate retreat, you will learn a simple device to evaluate your corporate culture of empowerment (or lack thereof) as well as individual supervisor-subordinate relationships. You will also learn several time-tested techniques for better empowering your subordinate leaders.

Career Advancement
1:15 PM