John Mann

John Mann

John is a fun-loving software developer with a true love for education. He codes in JavaScript/HTML/CSS, C#/ASP.Net, React.js and even a little Ruby or Node.js. As a developer at Microsoft, he worked on the billing system and signup process for Hotmail, Xbox Live, and Windows Live. After relocating from Seattle, he was the Director of Engineering of SAI Global, a global software company based out of Australia. He is now the Head of Engineering at, an ad-tech company and teaches part-time at General Assembly. He loves helping start-ups get started with any technical questions that arise and is often seen on twitter discussing random thoughts of technology, marketing, or improving workflow.


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Getting to the next level - from Junior Developer to Architect or Director

Getting your foot in the door is always difficult, but after that first job, the big questions are how do I get to the next level? I will explain some of the paths to consider before moving forward and also some common experiences I have had to go from a college grad to Director of Engineering for a global software company. Some of the suggestions may surprise you.

Professional Development
3:40 PM