Titus Woo

Titus Woo

I'm a programmer and designer based in Atlanta, GA. I love building beautiful and responsive applications using the latest web technologies. I'm a senior in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I'm specializing in info-networks and media.


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Hybrid mobile application development with the Ionic Framework

The Ionic Framework is an exciting front-end library for making hybrid mobile apps that you can write once, and run everywhere. I?ll show you how to leverage your existing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills to quickly build an app with Ionic that can be deployed to 8 platforms? iOS and Android included, of course!I?ll start with a quick overview of what Ionic is, and why you should be using it if you?re a web developer. Then, I?ll briefly go over its command line tools, as well as some of its UI components (and boy, they?re beautiful). Finally, we?ll get our hands dirty and make a little weather app!

Mobile Development
10:10 AM