Sathish TK

Sathish TK

Sathish TK is an enterprise architect with 15+ years experience in both Microsoft and Java platforms, focusing primarily on SharePoint, BI &.NET implementations. His experience lies in architecting, designing, and developing enterprise applications involving tier architecture, SOA & SaaS. TK's background also includes customization of EAI products and architecting solutions for a wide variety of industries. Extensive experience implementing technologies like SharePoint, Biztalk, BI, & ALM (Team Foundation Server).

National Solution Director


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Building an application using Node.js + AngularJS with MongoDB

In this session, we will build an application using Node.js, Express, Jade, AngularJS with MongoDB. Don't let this mix of technologies concern you, we will have a quick refresher on each of these before diving into the details. MongoDB will handle the data storage, Express (web application framework for node) will provide the API for database access, Jade used as html template engine and AngularJS for client side logic and to build the user interface plus our favorite Node.js powering the entire backend of the application.These technologies form a great choice for modern client-side coding stack and you will walk away the knowledge of how to use each of these in your application development.

Web Development
3:50 PM